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park fun dev preschool website 2020
  • To provide a safe caring enabling environment - where we focus on the needs of the individual child. We provide plenty of scope for free play and having fun! We aim to provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment for all the children in our care.

  • To allow the children the space to interact with each other and adults in the setting. To encourage positive relationships between the children and adults by providing activities and opportunities to enable each child to gain confidence and self esteem whilst helping them to achieve increasing independence. We will help the children understand the boundaries and rules that are necessary in the setting and why they are in place. We have a behaviour policy and any unwanted behaviour will be tacked firmly and kindly in consultation with the parents.

  • We enjoy celebrating the achievements of each unique child. We will find out about each other - what makes each child special! In the setting each child has a personalised learning journey in which we keep some of the "work" that they do in Pre-School along with regular assessments of the child's progress, alongside this each child has their own electronic profile using the 2simple App. We take lots of photos to illustrate what your child is doing and to give you a record of their time at Pre-School. These folders belong to the children and you can look at or borrow them at any time and we will give you the folder when your child leaves Pre-School.

  • We observe and interact with the children - listening and learning from them to inform our planning of activities that will facilitate their learning and development. The activities that we plan and the things that we do spontaneously reflect the interests of the children in our setting and help them 'Find their wings'.


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The children are encouraged to be as independent as possible with self care and making relationship. We are more than happy to help with potty training, please speak to us if you require any further information. In order to help your child be as ready as possible for starting school we encourage the children to put on their own wellies, coats and jumpers - we are nurturing self - confidence with these skills.  



The children attending on a Tuesday are given the opportunity to take part in weekly Sports4Tots sessions. 

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