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Ofsted and the EYFS require all early years providers to have policies and procedures in place to safeguard their children. 

Devoran Pre-School's policies were reviewed and re-adopted by the Trustees of Devoran Pre-School in February 2022. Policies will be reviewed again February 2023 - unless any major government policy changes made in the interim.

Below are links to some of the key policy documents.  If you would like to view all of our Policies and procedures documents, a hard copy verison of the complete file is available to view within the setting. 

1.0 Health and Safety

3.0 Food safety and nutrition


04.04 Allergies and food intolerance


5.0 Promoting inclusion, equality and valuing diversity


6.0 Safeguaring children, young people and vulnerable adults


9.0 Childcare practice

09.01a About our childcare

10. Working in partnership with parents and other agencies

10.02 Complaints procedure

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